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January 2024 Kicks Off With A Bang As Lenders Slash Rates Early

Mortgage Price War

The UK’s largest mortgage lender, Halifax, has slashed rates to remain competitive as major lenders compete to undercut each other. 

This is excellent news for homeowners and mortgage borrowers for several reasons:

  1. Lower Monthly Payments
  2. Refinancing Opportunities
  3. Increased Buying Power
  4. Stimulating the Housing Market
  5. Help Ease Financial Stress
  6. Attract First-Time Buyers
  7. Market Competition Driving Down Rates

In summary, the lender’s decision to reduce mortgage rates early in 2024 is a positive development for current homeowners and prospective buyers, offering financial relief and opportunities in the housing market.

Five and Ten Year Swap Rates Fall Below 4%

4th January 2024 Swaps

4th January 2024 Swaps

7th December 2023 Swaps

7th December Swap Rates

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