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Inflation Falls Below 4% And Swap Rates Continue To Fall

Inflation Falling Graph With Union Jack

Inflation Falls Below 4%

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) announced today that Consumer Prices Index (CPI) annual inflation fell from 4.6% in October to 3.9% in November and is now at its lowest for over two years.

Inflation below 4% is great news to end a turbulent year and should continue to ease the cost of living pressures, slightly improving consumer confidence as we head into 2024 ahead of the next Bank of England (BoE) Monetary Policy Committee meeting on 1st February 2024



Further Significant Swap Rate Reductions

As you can see from the tables below, a further significant reduction in Swap Rates over the last week should feed through the mortgage market next year. Lenders fighting for market share should transpire into mortgage rate reductions in January 2024.

20th December Swaps

20th December Swap Rates

14th December Swaps

Swap Rates 14th November 2023

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