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Multi Agency Credit Report

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The UK’s only Multi Agency Credit Report, whether you’re looking for a new credit card, moving jobs or house, trying to manage your finances or perhaps you were refused credit and don’t know why, you should be checking your credit report regularly. It’s like your financial passport and companies look at it all the time and make decisions about you based on the information on it.

So check yours using the most detailed online Credit Report available in the UK by far to obtain the complete picture and make sure the information on there is correct.

The more you know about what’s on your report, how it’s used and what you can do to improve it, the better your chances of getting the credit you need at the best rates and ensuring that no-one is using your name or details fraudulently.

What's on your credit report?

  • Your credit cards, loans, mortgages and other credit accounts
  • Your payment history for the last 6 years
  • Details of who’s looked at your credit report
  • Details of people you’re financially connected to
  • Other addresses you’re linked to
  • Other names you’ve been known by
  • Your registration on the electoral roll
  • Details of any bankruptcies, insolvencies or court judgments

Why you should get your credit report

Make sure there’s nothing on your report that could affect your chances of getting credit

Been declined credit?
Find out why

Get the right loan
or card products for you

Prevent identity theft

Ongoing subscription price of £14.99 after the free 30-day trial period