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Glenhawk Offers Flexible Bridging Finance Solutions

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Bridging Finance - Flexible Solutions

Great meeting between Paul Mansell and  Annaliese Melvin from Glenhawk, a leading name in bridging finance, who has recently unveiled a comprehensive range of new products designed to cater to diverse property scenarios. Whether you’re a seasoned property investor, a developer, or a homeowner looking for financial solutions, Glenhawk’s latest offerings promise competitive rates and flexible terms to meet your specific needs.

1. Heavy Property Refurbishment

Undertaking extensive property refurbishments can be financially demanding. Glenhawk understands this and has introduced tailored bridging finance solutions to support heavy refurbishment projects. Whether renovating a residential property or refurbishing a commercial space, Glenhawk’s products provide the capital you need to bring your vision to life.

2. Stand Alone Second Charge

For property owners seeking additional funds to maintain their existing mortgage arrangements, Glenhawk’s stand-alone second-charge bridging finance offers an ideal solution. Should you require funds for business purposes or investment, this product allows you to leverage your property’s equity without needing to remortgage.

3. Lease Extension

Lease extensions can be complex and costly, particularly for residential leaseholders. Glenhawk’s bridging finance for lease extensions offers a straightforward and efficient way to secure the funds needed to extend your leasehold, enabling you to safeguard the value of your property and secure your long-term investment.

4. Auction Finance

Property auctions present exciting opportunities for investors, but securing funding within tight timeframes can be challenging. Glenhawk’s auction finance solutions provide fast and flexible funding options, allowing investors to act quickly and confidently when bidding at auctions. With competitive rates and rapid approval processes, Glenhawk ensures investors can seize lucrative opportunities without delay.

5. Chain Break Finance

Property chains can be fragile, and delays or complications in one transaction can ripple effect on the entire chain. Glenhawk’s chain break finance provides a swift and dependable solution for individuals looking to break free from property chains and proceed with their transactions seamlessly. Whether buying a new property or selling an existing one, Glenhawk’s chain break finance removes the obstacles standing in your way.

6. Change Of Use

Changing the use of a property, whether for residential, commercial, or mixed-use purposes, often requires substantial investment. Glenhawk’s bridging finance for change-of-use scenarios provides the necessary capital to facilitate these transitions smoothly. 

Whether converting a property for residential use, repurposing a commercial space, or exploring mixed-use developments, Glenhawk’s flexible financing options through IMDNE empower you to realise your property vision.