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Aldermore – Limited Company But To let Specialists

Aldermore Ltd Co Buy To Let Specialists

Excellent team meeting with David McKenzie, presenting Aldermore’s Buy To Let proposition with a flexible approach to underwriting for Limited Company applications. Many of their product features for serious landlords looking to build a portfolio in the most tax-efficient manner, including: 

  • Tax Efficiency & Planning
  • Personal Liability
  • Estate Planning and Inheritance
  • Access to Finance
  • Flexibility in Profit Distribution

It’s crucial to note that the tax landscape and regulations can change, and the advantages of a limited company structure may vary depending on individual circumstances and the specific jurisdiction. Professional advice from tax experts, accountants, and financial advisors is essential when considering using a limited company for Buy to Let properties.

Limited Company Buy To Let Proposition Highlights

  • No Portfolio Limit – Up to 30 properties on one application
  • Top Slicing Available (Supplement Rental Income From Personal Income To Obtain A Larger Mortgage)
  • Flats, Houses, HMO’s and properties adjacent to commercial properties considered
  • No Standard Industry Classification (SIC Code) Limitations
  • Lend to most types of Limited Companies, from Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) to companies already trading
  • Product Transfer (Rate Switch) Available For Standard and Limited Company Buy to Lets

If you’re looking for a Limited Company Buy to Let mortgage, call 0800 0350095 to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced Mortgage Advisers or click on the button below to schedule a call back at a convenient time.