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100% Mortgage

Based On Rental Track Record

Excellent team meeting today with James Duffy from Skipton Building Society, discussing the options available to Landlords and Tenants as rental income and mortgage payments are squeezed from both sides in the current market.


Most Landlords I know don’t like selling their rental properties. Still, sometimes economic factors dictate this as their best or only option. The cost of selling a property through an Estate Agent or Auction can also be a deciding factor, but why go down that route when you may have the perfect buyer already living in the property?


If you are a Landlord feeling the squeeze in the current economic climate, why not speak with your Tenant and see if they would consider buying the property directly from you with no deposit using Skipton’s 100% Track Record mortgage, which is based on their last six months rental payments for affordability?


The table opposite gives examples of the maximum mortgage amount available when supported by the Tenant’s current rental payment. 

Whether you’re a Landlord looking to sell or Tenant looking to buy call 0800 0350095 to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced Mortgage Advisers or click on the button below to schedule a call back at a convenient time.