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Mortgages For Overseas Residential Properties

Mortgages For Overseas Properties

Turn Your Overseas Property Dream Into Reality

Owning a property overseas can be a thrilling prospect, but if paying in cash isn’t feasible, securing a mortgage might be the perfect solution. By working with an independent bank, one that isn’t connected to the selling agent, developer, or property, you can often gain a clearer understanding of the property’s legal standing and accurate valuation.

Mortgages for purchasing property abroad are available in various regions, with the maximum and minimum loan amounts influenced by the country, purchase price or valuation, and your personal financial profile.

Loan-to-value ratios, interest rates, and other lending criteria can differ significantly based on several factors, including your overall financial status, the type and value of the property, its location, the size of the loan, and whether you’re purchasing the property personally or through a company.

Exploring these options can help you turn your dream of owning an international property into a reality.

Holiday Home

Example Max
Loan To Values

  • Cyprus = 50/60%
  • France = 70%/80%
  • Greece = 65%
  • Ireland = 60%/65%
  • Italy = 60%
  • Portugal = 70%/80%
  • Spain = 60%/70%
  • USA = 60%/65% (Florida = 65%/70%)

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